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Equinox New Beginnings Spell

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Apricot

Blessed equinox, witches! Cast this spell before midnight and use the energy of the day to bring blessings to a new beginning.

You will need:
* A crayon
* 1 fresh egg
* Flower seeds of any kind

With a crayon, draw an image on the egg that symbolizes the new beginning you seek, such as a picture of a house for a new home, a heart for new love, etc. Dig a hole a few inches into the ground and hold the flower seeds in both hands. Gently blow over them to empower them and say:

A new beginning from growing
seeds, bringing balance, focus,
change, and disciplined deeds!

Then place the seeds in the hole. Crack the egg over the seeds, put the shells in the hole, then cover with soil as you say:

So must this be, for the good
of all, but mostly for me!

As spring emerges and your flowers bloom, so too will your fresh start.

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