National Doctor's Day

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Lily

Regardless of how well we take care of our own health, almost all of us find ourselves needing to visit a doctor from time to time. Honoring doctors and thinking positive thoughts about them helps ensure that we’ll always find a good doctor when we need one and that our doctors will always treat us with a great deal of fairness, attention, and respect.

Today, safely light a white candle and invoke Archangel Raphael, the divine healer angel. Take a moment to give thanks for all the wise, knowledgeable, and compassionate doctors of the world. Ask Raphael to bless them and infuse them with divine knowledge and the divine power to heal. Imagine them being filled and surrounded with white light. If you’d like, finish by donating any amount of your choice to the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, or another charity that offers professional medical care to those in need.

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