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Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Cinnamon

The full moon is a time of energy. After all, if the moon can pull the earth’s oceans from one place to another, imagine how it can affect us! A bedtime ritual of relaxation will help ease your sleep and dreams on this full moon night.

An hour before bed, turn off all screens. Tumble your nightclothes in the dryer for 10–15 minutes; remove them, wrap them tightly in a thick towel, and set aside. Draw a hot bath and scent it with lavender, chamomile, or lemon balm (herbs associated with relaxation) or add your favorite bubble bath or bath bomb. Prepare a cup of caffeine-free tea, and safely light a couple of candles in the bathroom.

Step into the bath and luxuriate in the scent, warmth, and textures. When done, dry off with a clean towel and don your warm pajamas. Slip into bed, saying:

Saint Calgon, take me away.

Ease into untroubled sleep.

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