Autumnal Altar Reset

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Patchouli

Spring cleaning was great six months ago, but now it’s time to get our house in order for the colder tides of autumn and winter.

Approach the altar(s) or shrine(s) in your home. Meditate on the physical items on each, considering how each one serves as a focal point or catalyst for your magickal work, ancestor worship, or other esoteric work.

One by one, remove each object from the altar or shrine and reset the space. Cleanse each item, tablecloth, and nearby sacred object with incense (a natural resin if possible) and wash it with soap and water (if appropriate). You may consider going throughout your home and doing the same with other sacred pieces.

As you reset the altar or shrine, use your intuition to put some of the items back in the same place and others in a different place. You may find that some objects “want” to leave the altar and others “want” to be honored in their place. Once it feels complete, declare:

Autumnal tides and powers
that be, this altar is enchanted
by fire, earth, air, and sea!

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