Autumn Transitions

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Hyacinth

Autumn is a season of shift between summer and winter, and nowhere is it easier to see this than in the changes in foliage. Let’s use these ideas to help manifest something new this autumn.

Bundle up and go out for a walk. Watch for leaves, looking for those that speak to you. You can approach this as a kind of divination, looking for a leaf that you feel comes with a message, or as a search for a leaf to carry your intention and see it through. Consider that golden leaves could signify wealth or prosperity, orange leaves could reference health or harvest, red leaves could indicate passion or strong emotions, and black or dark leaves might signify anger, danger, or other negativity.

Once home, roll or fold your leaf and secure it with a bit of cotton string. Burn it in a censer or abalone shell, and as it burns, visualize the leaf’s intent being realized. Then safely extinguish the flame.

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