Get Rid of the Blues Spell

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Cypress

In the winter, mild depression can be a problem. This spell can help you beat the blues. Perform it during the day.

You’ll need three white votive candles. Cover an altar or a table with a white cloth. Place the candles on the altar, but don’t light them yet. Lower the blinds, close the drapes, and turn off the lights. Now say:

Darkness, you know me well,
But you’re not strong
enough for this spell.
Blues and sadness take flight.
Joy return with this light!

Now safely light each candle. As you light them, visualize your blues diminishing. Then open the drapes, raise the blinds, and turn on all the lights. Your mood should feel lighter. Make a cup of tea and relax. End the spell by snuffing out all the candles. When they’ve cooled, throw them away.

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