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Pointer Finger Magick

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Almond

What a witch can’t do with a flick of their fingers I’ve yet to discover. In fact, casting magick for opportunity and luck is one of the best ways to spread good karma while feeling awfully witchy with the ol’ crooked finger. Pointing out the good things in your day adds to their aura of power. I like to make it a fun game of “where’s the witch’s joyful pleasure?”

Throughout the day, use your pointer finger to charge, bless, and otherwise designate objects as auspicious. Feel the intended energy and forcefully project it forward. Cast luck on a fountain you admire, or cast love on an elevator button. Fill a parking meter for the day to share pointed blessings of wealth, or enchant any other object you’d like. As the energy of the sun wanes, make your final blessed castings and seek to dream of all the luck and opportunities yet to come to you. Try to point them out even in your dreams.

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