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Looking at the Future

Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Ginger

February 2 is known in the US as Groundhog Day, a modern secular holiday that has its roots in the Pagan holiday of Imbolc. Theoretically, if the groundhog sees his shadow today, winter will last another six weeks. If he doesn’t, spring will come early. Either way, he has to leave his burrow to find out.

This is a good day to peek your head out and see what lies ahead in your own near future. Don’t worry about the whole year—just focus on what you might expect in the next few months. You can use a tarot or oracle deck, if you are so inclined, or simply light a candle in a firesafe container and focus on your wish to know what the future holds. Then open your mind and heart and say:

Groundhog, groundhog,
Get out of your bed,
And help me to see
Just what lies ahead

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