Snow Fairies

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Balsam

With winter comes snow, and with snow come snow fairies. We have all heard of Jack Frost, but there are many more spirits who deal in ice crystals. They ride the freezing winds of winter to leave frost on the windowpanes. They ice over the lakes and fill the cloudy sky with snowflakes.

To make friends with the snow fairies, collect things that attract them. They love the colors white, silver, and blue. They like crystals and mirrors. Ribbons and bells are also good. You can use snowflake ornaments left over from Yule, snowflake glitter, or confetti. Decorate a corner of a shelf or a shadowbox frame with these things.

After making your display, speak to the snow fairies and admire their beautiful work in the world. Let them know you appreciate the snow that stores water and insulates the ground. If they like you, they may grant favors such as bringing or withholding snow at your request.

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