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The Blessing of Mercury

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Sandalwood

The much-dreaded Mercury retrograde need not be the metaphysical villain it’s often said to be. Though communications do seem to break down more readily during this period, it’s usually not feasible for us to simply avoid communicating with family or coworkers or signing contracts. Mercury will be retrograde until February 20. If we must do these things during this time, we can use magic to help avoid or minimize these issues.

For this spell you will need the following materials:
* A piece of paper
* Scissors
* A pen
* Your shoes
* A glass of wine

Cut the paper into two pieces, each in the shape of a bird’s wing. On each piece, draw the symbol for Mercury, then place inside your shoes. Now enchant the wine by saying:

God of tricksters, liars, thieves!
Messenger of the divine,

Bestow your blessing upon me, please,
As I offer you this wine.

With your fingers, dab some of the wine on each wing. Offer the rest of the wine by pouring it onto the land. Wear your shoes with confidence.

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