Fire Spell to Banish Debt

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Marjoram

Many of us receive and pay bills electronically now, so use a sheet of paper for this spell if necessary to represent a bill you’re having trouble paying off. Write the name of the bill on the paper. Of course, if you have a paper bill or statement, use that. Light a candle in a large heatproof dish or cauldron and carefully pass the blades of a pair of scissors through the fire several times. Visualize the blades becoming empowered with the element of fire. Then cut the paper (or bill) into small pieces with the scissors. Every time you cut, see your debt being snipped into smaller and more manageable pieces. When the paper is completely cut into pieces, scoop them up and burn them in the fire. (You may want to do this spell outside or use a fire pit.) As you toss the pieces into the fire, speak these words:

I can manage this debt;
it’s no longer a threat.

Be sure to extinguish the fire.

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