Healthy Pet Magic

Color of the day:  Ivory
Incense of the day:  Hyssop

We all love our pets. These an imals who bless our lives are true friends, and they depend on us to keep them healthy. So in addition to taking the best possible care of your fur baby (or scale baby), it doesn’t hurt to work a little magic into their maintenance.

Think about a symbol that represents general good health to you, perhaps a plump red heart to represent vigor, a bone for strength, or a sun for vitality. Draw the symbol on your pet’s belongings and recite:

Good health, long life, and lots of love.

Here are some ways to use your symbol:

• Draw it on a food container, such as bag of dog or cat kibble or a canister of fish food.

• Trace it onto treats and toys with your finger.

• Paint it on their bed or stitch it into the corner of a favored blanket.

• Dip your finger into their water bowl and draw the symbol.

• Draw it on a slip of paper and place it near their enclosure.

• Paint it on the underside of their food bowl.

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