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Eggs of Hidden Blessings

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Eucalyptus

Easter is such a Pagan holiday. With its abundance of pre-Christian fertility symbolism, it celebrates the renewal of life and spring. Eggs represent life, and utilizing those brightly colored ones from childhood in our magical work is a great way that we as Witches can reconnect to those cultural elements on our own terms.

You will need several white hardboiled eggs, a commercial egg-dyeing kit, and a white crayon.

Begin by designing sigils for various blessings, such as health, prosperity, love, etc. If you need help, Laura Tempest Zakroff’s Sigil Witchery is an eggcellent resource. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!) Draw these symbols on the eggs with the crayon, contemplating their meanings.

Follow the instructions on your dye kit. While the eggs soak, say:

Cosmic egg of all creation,
Be present in your symbol here.
Alive here now with exaltation,
Hidden blessings now appear!

The sigils will remain white, revealing their magical intention. Hide or eat the eggs. Bon appétit!

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