Dandelion Perspective Spell

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Rosemary

April 5 is National Dandelion Day in the US. Dandelions are viewed by some as weeds, but a weed is simply an unloved flower. This spell will help with balance, power, and a change of perspective.

Gather up dandelions for your altar or sacred space. Place stones and crystals around the flowers in a circle. Use yellow calcite for positive energy and yellow jasper for balance, and add clear quartz crystals to amplify your magical intentions. Chant these words at least three times:

Bring me a perspective that is new.
Help me change my point of view.
I seek balance and I seek power. Allow
me to grow like this beautiful flower.
Keeping an open mind is best
for me. I am grateful for your
guidance. Blessed be!

Offer the dandelion flowers at the base of your favorite tree in gratitude to the Earth Mother for her endless wisdom and bountiful gifts.

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