Daytime Fell Moon Tool Consecration

Color of the day:  Ivory
Incense of the day:  Narcissus

The full moon is a great time to cleanse and consecrate magical tools. Many people will place crystals, oils, herbs, and other magical accoutrements in the light of the moon to absorb its energy, but the truth is that full moon energy is present during the daylight hours, too.

Use today to inventory your magical tools, dismantling those that no longer serve you or giving away those that may find better homes with others. You should regularly charge and reaffirm those that you decide to keep or that you’ve only recently acquired. Choose a favorite magical oil, if you have one, or simply use plain olive oil or magically consecrated water. Anoint each tool by dabbing it and saying:

I cleanse, consecrate, and empower
this (tool) so that it may serve
me in my work. So mote it be.

Allow your tools to sit in view of the sky over the course of the day, no matter the weather. Be careful with your colored quartz crystals, such as amethyst, as sunlight can cause them to fade over time.

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