A Cushion Beloved

Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Basil

Love is in the air. Today, spend time with a partner and cast magick together for the future you both are working to manifest. Love pillows are a stylish and creative way to experiment with more sexual positions while casting fertility and relationship magick together as a couple.

Using one yard of a silk brocade fabric, cut two large circles, each thirty-six inches wide. Blind-stitch them together and fill with any of the following components to create a manifestation spell. Use this pillow during intimate moments to bring joy and fulfillment to your many needs and shared goals.

* 8 cups buckwheat
* 8 cups rainbow corn kernels
* 8 cups rice
* 1 couple’s photo
* 7 cups rose petals
* 7 drops essential rose oil
* 7 drops essential saffron oil
* 7 drops essential agar oil
* Images or small objects that signify your needs
* Items of worth, value, or sentiment
* Hair from each partner
* Cottonwood tree seed fluff

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