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Bless and Multiply My Money

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Juniper

What we focus on grows, so cr eate a prosperity altar to bless and multiply your money.

Gather coins and bills, flowers, herbs, stones, fossils, and other energized, magical objects. On a flat surface, create a spiral with about an eight-inch circumference. Lay the coins, bills, and other sacred objects down in ever smaller revolutions of the spiral. As you do this, think about how much money has been given to you throughout your life. Say:

Lucky me.

As you place the objects in smaller revolutions of the spiral, recognize how much money you currently have. Say:

Blessed me.

Recognize how, through employment and self-employment, you have money flowing regularly. Say:

Wealthy me.

As the spiral grows tighter and more condensed, incant:

Bless and multiply my money.

Make a small cluster of money at the center of the spiral and say:

Money flows to me easily and fluidly.

Over time, add found money and money-shaped candy to your altar. This will keep your attention focused on the growth of your money. Each time, say:

Bless and multiply my money.

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