Spell to Reveal a Mystery

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Eucalyptus

The purpose of this spell is to inspire a dream to reveal a mystery that has been locked away from you.

You will need these materials:
* A purple candle
* Some ground cinnamon
* A pen or pencil
* A piece of unlined paper
* A piece of chalk
* A key to an unknown lock

In the dark of night, gather your items and focus on your mystery. Sprinkle the candle with some cinnamon and light it with a silent prayer. With the pen or pencil, write your mystery on the paper, then use chalk to draw a large circle around it. Place the key in the center of the circle, saying:

A mystery in a circle of chalk,
A key that goes to no known lock.
What has been locked away, concealed,
My dreams now open and reveal.

Allow the candle to burn down safely, then sleep with the key under your pillow. The next morning, bury the key on your property. Watch your dreams for an answer to your prayer!

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