Cool it Down and Bring Balance

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Clove

With the excitement that summer always seems to bring, it’s easy for life to start feeling a little out of whack. School and work schedules change, festival and vacation season is in full swing, the days are getting hot, and many of us are busier than ever with travel, wrangling kids, or pursuing summer projects. Are you neglecting your self-care at this time of year? To cool down a bit and create the space to recenter yourself, fill a bowl with ice cubes (crushed ice is okay, too) and place it before you on your altar or table. Hold some of the ice in your hands if it’s not too cold for you. Concentrate on the stillness and coolness of ice. Draw that stillness into yourself while saying:

Cool the fire,
Feel the chill.
Summer burns,
But I am still.

Allow the ice in the bowl to melt, and add it to your bathwater, or wash your face and hands with it, to fully draw its energy into you.

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