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Scratches and Stings

Color of the day:  Maroon
Incense of the day:  Cedar

Today we pay homage to two benign beasts that are unquestionably important to Wiccan life: the black cat and the honey bee.

Black cats are said to be the ageold popular companions to witches. Whether this is true or not, let us show our appreciation for them with the blessing below, which can be adapted for your own cat or modified for use with any other familiar.

Honey bees are absolutely necessary for our survival. No bees means less food and darn few flowers. Few flowers and plants leads to a scarcity of ingredients for potions and spells. The honey bee population worldwide has been in danger for years. Take a few minutes today to send positive energy to the honeybee with this blessing.

Bastet, lover of cats, and Neith,
keeper of bees, we call upon you to
always protect your chosen beings,
which bring joy and sustenance,
happiness and health, to our lives.

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