Calming Monday Vibes

Color of the day:  Lavender
Incense of the day:  Narcissus

For those who start their work week on Monday, the day can bring a little apprehension and anxiety. Sometimes we need some reassurance to smooth out the emotional turbulence that can come with stress. Moonstone resonates with Monday’s lunar energies and is the perfect stone for nerve-soothing magic at the top of the week!

Find a small moonstone that you can carry with you. Take a few minutes to sit calmly, holding it between your hands. Simply feel and mesh with its soothing energies. Let the stone speak to you through its energies. Let it communicate with you and share its energies through thoughts, feelings, and impressions. The stone people may speak softly, but it is in these ways that they communicate with us. Recite this simple enchantment:

Soothing moonstone, share with me
Your calming energies of stability.
Through the week, be with me,
Lending calm and cool, so mote it be.

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