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Attuning to Water

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Mint

Now that we’re past the autumn equinox, the shortening of the days is palpable. Even if your region doesn’t see snow, the weather is likely cooler and rainier, and you may be noticing that the sun sets earlier, bringing lengthening periods of darkness. In many Western magical traditions, the autumn corresponds to the element of water, which is associated with mystery, depth, intuition, and feeling.

To make the most of the deepening, contemplative season, attune to the element of water. Sit in a cool bath or even a natural body of water, or simply place your hands in a full basin. Allow the water to move around you, filling every curve and crevice. Think about how the water moves and how it changes to reflect whatever contains it. Say:

Powers of water, lend me your gifts
of compassion, intuition, and change.
Be with me this day. So mote it be.

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