Rusty Nail Spell

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Narcissus

The purpose of this amulet is to ward off unwanted visitors, such as nosy neighbors or people you just don’t want in your home.

Gather these items:
* A rusted old nail (The dirtier and rustier it is, the better.)
* A piece of paper to wrap the nail in
* A pen

Hold the nail in your hand and think about how sharp and dangerous it is, and how much it would hurt if you stepped on it. While no one is going to actually physically step on the nail or get hurt, imagining this quality acknowledges its energy, which is defensive and best avoided.

Now imagine the person or people you want to keep out of your space. Write their name(s) on the paper, and wrap it around the nail.

Place the nail wrapped in the paper underneath the doormat to your home, with the point facing outward. Those who are unwanted will feel the energy of the rusty nail directed at them and hopefully take the hint.

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