An Act for Humanity

Color of the day:  Ivory
Incense of the day:  Neroli

The number eighteen in numerology is often said to vibrate with the concept of humanitarianism. Most people on a magical path are deeply devoted to nature. In reality, devotion to nature is truly of humanitarian benefit. If we do not maintain the integrity of the natural ecosystems and life forms we are interdependent on, we will drive ourselves to eventual extinction.

Today, make an effort to contribute in some way, even if small, through an act of humanitarian benefit. Perhaps that is directly, by donating food, money, or time to a homeless shelter or charity, or perhaps it is through an environmental effort, such as helping pollinators or birds by hanging feeders or pollinator houses. Journal about what you choose to do and how you can contribute to humanitarian efforts in the future on a regular basis. Small efforts can add up to big results, especially when we all do our part. So mote it be.

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