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Lollipop Divination

Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Ginger

Nothing says October like candy! Get yourself a bag of multicolored lollipops, making sure they’re all individually packaged. Shake the bag to mix them up while asking this question:

What do I need to focus on in my life this week?

Close your eyes and pull a lollipop out of the bag. Your answer lies in the color:
* Red: Focus on your romantic life.
* Pink: You need to pay attention to nurturing friendships.
* Orange: Hone in on your passions and hobbies.
* Yellow: Take time to make sure you and others are feeling positive in general.
* Green: Pay attention to your finances.
* Blue: Communication between you and the people in your life is extra important right now.
* Purple: Make sure you spend time on your spiritual practice and meditation.
* Black: Be sure to guard yourself energetically against others.
* White: Spirit has an important message or lesson for you this week, so pay attention.

Now the best part: enjoy the candy!

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