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Receive the Blessing of an Ancestral Spirit

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Myrrh

For this spell you will need these materials:
* White cord, chalk, salt, or other objects to mark out a circle on the floor
* A white and a black candle
* A vase with fresh flowers
* A piece of paper with the name of an ancestor written upon it
* A cauldron or ash pot

When you would ask a spirit dear,
To bring forth blessings and draw them near,
Just mark a circle on the ground,
With cord or chalk or whatever’s found.
Just be it white like shining moon,
Then light a candle black as doom.
Present here now a vase of flowers,
An offering unto ancient powers.
And speak aloud these words of rhyme,
To seal thy charm and make it thine:

Spirit come with love and grace,
All else denied this hallowed space.

From the deep black candle’s flame,
Now light the white and speak the name
Of someone whom you’ve lost from life,
To bring you blessings and ease all strife.
Burn the paper from the white,
And cast it to the cauldron now,
And speak here to your spirit bright,
To end when candles do burn down.

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