Coin Toss Spell

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Hyacinth

When you are searching fo r an answer to a yes-no question, you can use a coin to get results. Make sure you really want to know the answer before you begin. Depending on the situation, sometimes it may be better not to know.

Once you have decided to explore this simple form of divination, designate one side of the coin for a “yes” answer and the other side for a “no.” First you must establish a relationship with the coin. Start by asking simple questions. Ask the coin if you are wearing shoes, for instance. Once the coin has provided you with three correct answers in a row, you may proceed and ask the question that you are most curious about. Take a deep breath and ask for an answer to your question. Flip the coin to see the result. Trust the answer you receive.

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