All My Luggage Spell

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Lilac

Many people travel at this time of year. Though it’s nice to have the freedom to travel, the hassles can be frustrating, one of the worst being lost luggage. Even if you don’t have immediate travel plans, this spell can prepare you for when you do.

You will need your suitcase(s) or other travel bag(s), a spool of wide, brightly colored ribbon, and scissors.

Ground and center. Measure and cut a length of ribbon, roughly nine feet long, for each of your bags, plus a shorter one about six feet. Tie each longer ribbon to a bag, saying:

Ribbon bright, I tie you here,
To keep my luggage safe and near.

The final ribbon you will carry with you while you travel, as a link to the others. Tie a knot in it and say:

A final knot to keep the others
Bound to me by silken colors.

Travel well!

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