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Witch's Homestead Spell

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Frankincense

This spell will help enchant your home, making it a sacred place of love, magic, healing, power, and protection.

Gather these materials:
* Lavender flowers
* Cinnamon
* Rose petals
* Sea salt
* A large bowl
* 3 pieces of ribbon or yarn: black, red, and green

Ground and center. Using your hands, mix the salt and herbs together in the bowl while saying:

Lavender, cinnamon, rose, and salt,
All baneful spirits you do halt.
Be now filled with health and love,
And draw forth power from above.

Imagine the light of the sun and moon shining down through you to empower this mixture, then sprinkle it around your property to form a barrier and container.

Now take your three pieces of ribbon or yarn and braid them together while chanting:

Ribbons black and red and green,
Bring power from the dark unseen.
Ribbons green and red and black,
Send all unwanted forces back.

Attach this talisman to your front door.

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