The Stones of Grounding

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Violet

Go for a walk in some natural place with the intention of experiencing the earth element, which is associated with structure, stability, and manifestation. It can even be a city park.

On your walk, be aware of any stones, collecting five and bringing them home. Once there, set four of them on the floor in a square, which you will sit inside. Place the other near your root chakra.

Ground and center. Imagine that the life force within the stones is like a green light that dimly shines. As you breathe, imagine these lights slowly reaching out to you in streams of energy that converge in your root and the fifth stone. Say:

Strength of stone
Within my bones.

Put some sea salt on your tongue. Meditate on how you are an extension of the planet. Hold the stones whenever you feel unfocused or in need of grounding.

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