New Year's Eve Banishing Salt

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Orchid

To make this banishing salt, you will need one tablespoon sea or table salt and three drops tea tree oil, plus an envelope or other container.

On New Year’s Eve, take a quiet moment to yourself during the festivities. Hold the salt in the palm of your hand and think about something from the past year that you’d like to let go of. This can be many things or only one thing. Whisper your wish to the salt, allowing your breath to get onto it, imbuing it with your intention. Then add the tea tree oil to the salt. Place it in the envelope or container.

At midnight if possible, toss your salt away from you into the wind outdoors, or wash it down the drain. (This can be done discreetly if you’re around other people.) See the old year wash away from you, and welcome the new calendar year with a clear sense of hope. Recycle or reuse the envelope or container.

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