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Clarity and Charity

Color of the day:  Turquoise
Incense of the day:  Jasmine

A closet purge today will create greater clarity in your life and remove blocks to abundance and self-love. First, pull everything out of your clothes closet. (Really, everything.) Next, physically clean your closet: dust, vacuum, etc. Then clear the energy in your closet with sage smoke, incense smoke, or a mister of water containing a few drops of essential oils, or use a chime or bell to clear the space with sound. Now consider each item one at a time. Ask yourself, “Do I love this? Do I use this? Do I need this? Does it boost my energy and mood?” If the answer is no to all of these, put the item in one of three piles: give away, recycle, or trash. If the answer is yes to any of them, put it back in your closet. Remember, the Virgo moon today loves details, so if there are numerous knickknacks or keepsakes in your closet, repeat the process with every single one of them.

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