Shedding the Wintry Veil

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Clove

For many people in the world at this time of year, it feels like winter may never end. When our body becomes accustomed to a season, it can be difficult to imagine that it will ever shift.

If you’re feeling any wintery blues, doldrums, or general ennui, take a black veil, blanket, or cloak and step outside to a private location. Hunker down and bring focus to the warmth of your breath as you hide beneath a cloak of darkness.

As many times as you’d like, repeat these words:

Breaking free from winter’s strife,
I give thanks and rise tonight.

When it feels right, quickly throw off your covering and look up at the sky. Raise your arms and breathe in the cosmic energy of seasonal change.

Even if we can’t always feel it, the clock is always ticking and the Wheel of the Year is always turning.

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