A Simple Banishing Spell

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Apricot

Use this banishing spell to cut ties with someone or something causing you stress or even harm. If possible, perform this spell during the waning moon or dark (new) moon.

You’ll need a small black candle, a small burning bowl or cauldron, a black crayon, a piece of paper, something connected to the person or situation (a photograph, an item, etc.), and a grater.

Place the candle in the bowl or cauldron. Use the crayon to write the person’s or situation’s name/description on the paper, then tear the paper into small bits and add them to the bowl along with the item representing what’s being banished. Grate the tip of the crayon over the candle, then break the crayon into pieces and add to the bowl.

Light the candle and speak your banishing intention aloud. Light the paper bits and allow the bowl contents to burn safely until little remains. Bury the remnants in a deep hole, saying “Gone from me” as you cover it.

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