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Green Money

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Marigold

We all feel impoverished at times. Speaking in a strong voice, tell the Goddess what you need. Show her your piled-up bills or your overcharged credit cards. Explain to her what your obligations are and how, with her help, you expect to be able to meet them. Next, tell her that you deserve to be prosperous and remind her—and yourself—of the ways you’re already rich: in family and friends, good grades in school, a good job or career.

When you’re sure she’s listening, cast a circle around yourself and raise power by clapping, shaking a rattle, or drumming. Visualize cash, checks, dividends, and stocks flying to you. Visualize job offers and gifts pouring in and piling up around you. Invoke prosperity:

The things I need,
The people I’ve seen,
The wealth I’m deserving—
Make everything green!

Green money, green,
Bright silver and gold—
Come to me swiftly,
Come in from the cold.

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