Rainbow Positivity Charm

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Orchid

The Virgo full moon arrives early this morning, and it coincides with the popular Indian holiday known as Holi, when festivalgoers celebrate love, laughter, forgiveness, and the arrival of spring by taking to the streets and gleefully coloring other people with colored powder as well as color-filled water balloons. Today, empower seven 6-to-8-inch ribbons in sunlight (or candlelight, if the sun isn’t out, but be careful to hold them a safe distance away from the flame), one for each color of the rainbow. As you empower them, feel that they are absorbing the energies of joy and positivity. Braid them together, and see yourself weaving bright light into them as you braid. Bunch or coil the braid and hold it to your heart with both hands. Feel even more bright light at your heart and send it into the charm. Hang it above your front door for all-around positivity, or place it near a photo of anyone you’d like to bless with positive energy.

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