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A Magical Spring Cleaning

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Sandalwood

With the spring equinox approaching, it’s a perfect time to cleanse magical items and spaces. If you have a room or sanctum devoted to your Craft, start there. Vacuum or sweep, perhaps with a new broom/ besom. Work sunwise (clockwise), finishing in the center of the room. Wash the windows; dust the walls and wash them with lavender- or mint-scented water. Dust everything, and shine any wood with honeycomb wax or linseed oil.

Next comes the altar space. Wipe or dust the altar as needed and place a clean altar cloth there. Cleanse altar tools and items, using soap and water if needed. Dry with a soft cloth and bless or anoint items with a favorite essential or consecrated oil. Place new candles on the altar, retiring the old ones for spellwork.

In addition to cleansing and blessing your tools, it’s a good time to charge them under sunlight or moonlight. It’s also an excellent time to make or purchase new tools.

When all is done, pause for a ritual of gratitude in your new space.

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