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A Crafty Downsizing

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Sage

Let’s do some spring-cleaning! It’s time to bust out that occult incense, mix up that Hoodoo floorwash, get brooms in hand, and sanctify that salt water. But first, let’s take an inventory.

Take a couple hours to examine your space as objectively as possible. Close your eyes, take three very deep breaths, and declare:

I am Witch, I am wise. I see the
truth now through my eyes.

With pen and paper in hand, and perhaps various bins labeled “donate,” “sell,” and “trash,” slowly make way around your living space. While looking at your belongings, remember that everything around you is temporary and is only on loan to you in this lifetime. Bravely do away with items to which your intuitive mind says “nah,” remembering that downsizing is a positive practice. Have fun and get creative as a first step in magickal spring-cleaning!

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