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Invite in Wealth

Color of the day:  Lavender
Incense of the day:  Lily

It’s a good day to start a new habit, and this particular habit is also a spoken spell. When you do it every day, it will increase your wealth and prosperity over time.

In the morning, perhaps after you have your morning beverage, open your front door as far as it will go. Stand on the threshold so you are both inside and outside your home at once. Say:

I now attune to the vibration of
ever-expanding wealth. I am a
master at manifesting money, and
I now invite in my endless good.

Now step just outside your door and say the same thing. (If you’re worried about what the neighbors will think at any point, you can think the words instead of saying them out loud.) Finally, step just inside the door and repeat the spoken charm a third and final time as you feel that you are indeed inviting in an ever-increasing stream of blessings and wealth.

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