For Those in Need

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Rose

Today you get a twofer: two nearly identical spells with the same intention. You’ve seen people who are in need of enough to eat, a safe place to live, and adequate medical care. These twin spells are intended to help those in need.

Whenever you’re out, pay attention to what’s around you. We know that people are careless. They drop coins and ignore pennies. But pennies add up! Every time you see a penny, pick it up with your receptive (nondominant) hand and place it in your pocket. As you do this, say aloud:

For those in need.

This might be you, or it might be someone you know or a stranger. Save those pennies on an altar with Dame Fortuna in the center until you get a sum that you can do something useful with. Do that something.

Alternatively, buy a roll of dimes. As you go about, leave a dime or two here and there, each time saying:

For those in need.

People will pick them up.

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