Take It Back Spell

Color of the day:  Turquoise
Incense of the day:  Clove

Have you ever wished you could take back a spell and make it powerless? This ritual will help you do that. You’ll need two candles, one red and one black. Place the candles on your altar. The red candle should be on the left and the black candle on the right. Safely light each candle, and sit before them. Ground and center. Think of your spell and why you think it went wrong. Then look at the candles and say:

Spirits red, spirits black,
Somehow I went off track.
Spirits red, spirits black,
I cancel the spell and take it back!

Now safely snuff out the red candle. Let the black candle continue to burn. In your mind, see the flame of the black candle absorbing the original spell’s power until it’s gone. Then snuff out the black candle safely. When both candles are cool, throw them away.

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