Growing into Spring

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Thyme

Today is Good Friday (Christian), and Passover begins at sundown ( Jewish). Good Friday recommends virtues such as silence or selflessness, while Passover favors faith and hope. Also, spring is a good time for any magical work that relates to growth.

Look up a list of virtues. Which ones appeal to you and which don’t? Which are things you already practice, and which are ones you would like to acquire?

Mark the virtues you would like to acquire. Look up each one and explore what it would mean to embody that virtue. Whittle down your list until you have one virtue that you most want to learn.

Meditate on your new virtue. Think about ways to express it in your life. What, if anything, will you need to add? What, if anything, will you need to give up?

Take a walk in the greening spring. Draw its energy into yourself. Seek opportunities to try out your new virtue for the rest of the day.

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