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A Pet Protection Spell

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Sage

Traditionally early May was when farmers would hang pine in their barns to protect their livestock from bad luck. Then they would walk their livestock around bonfires in a rite of purification. This spell is similar and helps you bless your pets. You’ll need a small pine twig and a small amount of your pet’s fur. Safely ignite the pine in a heatproof container. Add the fur and say:

My furry friend, you’ll
remain at my side,
By my rules you will abide.
I promise to feed you and to protect,
I’ll care for you without neglect.
I’ll give you a cozy place
to lay your head,
Be it by my door or by my bed.

When the ashes are completely cool, sprinkle them near your front door. End by giving your furry friend some extra attention so they know how much you care.

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