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Nurture Nest Spell

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Bayberry

It can be difficult to manifest a goal that doesn’t have something easily tangible for you to work with (such as love, truth, health, etc.). This spell will help make your goal more physical for you.

Locate a small roundish pebble (about one to two inches long) that feels good to you. After cleaning it, draw a symbol on it that represents what you’re looking for, or write the word itself. This is now the “egg” containing the idea you will nurture. Create a little nest for it. This can be as simple as a little box that you decorate, a swath of fabric, or a nest largely formed of dried herbs that align with your goal.

Set your egg in the nest upon your altar (or a safe place) and visit it daily, even for just a couple of minutes. Add little items that inspire and feed your idea until it has manifested! Afterward, you may return the pebble to the earth and recycle your nest as necessary.

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