Magical Quartz Battery

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Pine

For this spell you’ll need a piece of clear quartz, a plant pot or a spot in the garden, and a seed of any kind. As the seed germinates and blossoms into a plant, you’ll be charging the quartz with the energy of growth.

Prepare the soil, then hold the seed and quartz in your hands, closing your eyes and coming into a light meditative state. Focus on the intention that the quartz will record the energy of the plant’s divinely guided growth, allowing you to tap into this “battery” whenever you need to.

Then plant the seed and anchor the quartz in the soil nearby. Tend to the seed in the coming weeks, and as the plant grows, the crystal will be charged with this energy. When you want to use it, retrieve the crystal, empower any magical workings with its energy, then place it back in the soil to recharge.

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