Safe Home Spell

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Apricot

For this spell to keep your home safe, gather these items:

* Salt
* Bits of obsidian
* Powdered garlic
* Powdered rosemary
* A small candle
* A match
* Some charged water

Leave your home through the front door and proceed clockwise to the northern side of the house. Face north and say:

Powers of earth, protect this house.

Cast the salt onto the ground. Move to the home’s east side. (Note: Upon passing any corner of the building, bury one of the obsidian pieces, saying, “Protection HERE.” Upon passing any door or window, scatter garlic powder around it, saying, “Protection HERE.”)

On the east side of your home, face
east and say:
Powers of air, protect this house.

Cast the rosemary into the air. Move to the south side. On the south side of your home, face south and say:
Powers of fire, protect this house.

Light the candle safely, wafting smoke into the air. Then bury the candle in the ground. Move to the west side.

On the west side of your home, face west and say:
Powers of water, protect this house.

Pour the water into the ground. You have “warded the bounds” of your home.

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