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A Garden Blessing

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Pine

As gardens are really beginning to grow now, it’s a good time to bless your garden with this simple ritual. You’ll need one shiny new penny. Begin by standing in your garden at sunrise as you hold your penny. Face east. Breathe deeply as you ground and center. Whisper to yourself:

Divine Power, bless this garden.
Bless you and the four cardinal
directions that provide me with the
bounty and beauty from this garden.

Then thank the guardians of each direction, starting with the east. Simply say:

I thank the guardians of the east
for protecting my garden.

Repeat this for each direction as you turn to face each one in this order: south, west, and north. Now, facing east again, look up and say:

Thank you, Father Sky.

Look down and say:

Thank you, Mother Earth.

Then return to an everyday state of mind. End by pressing the penny into the soil as an offering.

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