Flag Day Affirmation

Color of the day:  Scarlet
Incense of the day:  Cinnamon

Freedom and justice for all is a promising concept; its tenets are embodied in our flag. Today is Flag Day and a supermoon. Spells done today are supercharged.

The colors of the US flag are symbolic:

 Red: Hardiness and valor
 White: Innocence and purity
 Blue: Perseverance, justice, and vigilance

For this spell, candlelight will be used to symbolize the fire element. You will need:

* A reusable bag
* A sheet of paper
* A sharp pencil * Scissors
* 1 large white pillar candle
* 2 medium-size pillar candles, one red and one blue

* A fireproof plate
* Matches or a lighter

Ponder the meaning of freedom and justice as you go outside at dusk with your bag containing all the spell items. Sit respectfully on Mother Earth.

Take your piece of paper from the bag and write down your thoughts on freedom and justice. Then cut the paper into strips.

Now create a candle plate, with the white candle in the center of the fireproof plate and the red and blue candles on the sides.

Slide your paper strips underneath the plate. Light the candles.

Say this affirmation three times, gazing into the lit wicks:

May my words produce strong action.
May my thoughts become deeds.
So mote it be!

Reflect on the spell and the flames until you are confident the affirmation has taken hold.

Snuff out the candles with wet fingers of your dominant hand.

Pack up your materials.

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