Crystal Grid

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Sage

Today, create a crystal grid to fine-tune the energy in your home. You can use crystals you already have or acquire new ones for this purpose. First, clean your home and cleanse the energy with a chime or sage smoke. Then choose one stone to act as a center point and anchor for the grid. Hold it in your hand as you mentally charge it with the intention to establish sacred space and harmonious energy in your home. Place that stone on a flat surface where you’d like to build your grid (such as a countertop or table), and position the remaining crystals around it. You can simply surround the center crystal with four, six, or eight stones, or you can elaborate on the radial pattern by arranging several more layers around the center. You can also get creative and add other natural items to the mandala-shaped grid, such as fresh leaves or blossoms, star anise, or coffee beans.

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