Hestia's Sweet Simplicity

Color of the day:  Maroon
Incense of the day:  Basil

Hestia is a Greek hearth goddess, and her domain is domesticity. Since it’s National Simplicity Day, let’s engage Hestia’s energy to cleanse our altars. Altars need freshening up. Candlewicks get too long, stuck in dried wax, or encrusted in herbal dressings. You get the picture. Your altar craves some goddess-fueled TLC.

Carefully dismantle your altar. Clear its components in the manner most fitting to your spiritual path. You might smudge them or spritz them with Hoyt’s Cologne, rainwater, spring water, lightning water, vodka, vinegar, or rose water. Cleanse chalices and shot glasses for libations and offerings. Handwash cloths on your altar using a soapwort infusion or gentle floral water rinse, then hang them outside to recharge. Wipe down candles and trim wicks. Bring special objects such as athames and besoms outside for clearing in the sun and air. Sun, sea salt and snow are dependable, simple, and natural cleansers from Mother Earth. Reassemble the altar and thank Hestia for her help.

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